Skincare and Beauty Therapy for the Older Person (Professional beautician)

Skincare and Beauty Therapy for the Older Person (Professional beautician)
$160.00 NZD

An in-depth course that covers considerations to factor into the beauty regime of the older person. Covering how the human body, skin in particular, ages, and how and why this impacts on the beauty care that can be provided.


Some of the content:

  • A review of ageing – including the ageing process, changes in the facial tissue and facial skeleton, extrinsic and intrinsic ageing, Fitzpatrick skin phototypes, hypertrophic and atrophic ageing, skin ageing, skin care features for the older person.
  • Ageing and the human body – touches on ageing, bones and joints, brain and nervous system. Heart, blood vessels and lungs/breathing, hair, rehabilitation and palliative care (it explains why these are important in beauty care – in general with positioning, what can or can’t be done or used)
  • The impact of ageing on beauty care – this covers things such as changes in fragility of the skin (skin diseases or conditions), contraindications, products and ingredients, hand and foot care
  • Professionalism and ethical practice – this  covers working in a multidisciplinary team in aged care (it has information about normal cognitive ageing and dementia – this could maybe be removed as it doesn’t have any relevant links back to the beauty course?), a brief touch on barriers to communication (where there are cultural preferences in beauty care standards and expectations)


This module is delivered online and is learner driven. There is no maximum time required to complete the set learning hours.  


Estimated number of hours: 6-10 hours theory and counts for 4 hours of professional development hours. No assessment is provided.


The module is provided by Kalandra Education Group.

Should you wish to receive an electronic certificate at the completion of your study please contact for this to be organised for you.


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