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The Preceptor introduces the new employee to a new area of clinical practice. The purpose is to orientate new staff to practice in an effective and culturally safe manner so that they may achieve a competent level in that clinical area. This is a vitally important role, having a lasting impact on that person, affecting retention and more importantly,  self-esteem.

This module will cover the following:

  • The role of a preceptor
  • Selecting a preceptor
  • The benefits of being a preceptor
  • Preparation as a preceptor
  • Student preparation
  • Implementing and evaluating a preceptor program
  • Preceptorship versus mentorship
  • Self-care for the preceptor.


This module is delivered online and is learner driven. There is no maximum time required to complete the set learning hours.  

Estimated number of hours: 2- 4 hours theory, equating to 3 professional development hours.

The module is provided by Kalandra Education Group.

Should you wish to receive an electronic certificate at the completion of your study please contact for this to be organised for you. 

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