KN95 Mask

KN95 Mask
KN95 Mask
$5.00 NZD

KN95 three-dimensional protective respirator (disposable)

- anti-particulate filtration technology

- antibacterial and environment-friendly fabric

- wider elastic band to relieve ear discomfort



- eletrostatic meltblown cloth

- pp spunbound non-woven cloth

- electrostatic filter cotton



adopting KN95 grade anti-particulate matter filtering technology and antibacterial environmental protection fabric, effectively filtering and protecting from PM2.5 air particulate matter and bacteria.


Scope of application:

suitable for protection against harmful particles such as dust, PM.5 haze particles, influenza bacteria, droplets etc.


How to wear:

1. Hold the respirator in hand, the fingertip is located in the nose clip, let the earband fall naturally

2. Put the respirator over the face and make sure that the nose strip of the respirator is close to the nose to ensure tightness

3. Pull the earband behind the ear

4. Use two hands to adjust the whereabouts of the nose strips to ensure tightness


Wearing test:

1. Use your hands to cover the mask and exhale, if you feel gas leaking from nose location, tighten the nose clip

2. If air leaks from the edge, readjust the ear band to ensure tightness